Discrimination in Social Institutions and Women’s Participation in the Labour Force - A Strong Relationship

Posted 03/08/2009 - 20:56 by admin

Women’s participation in non-agricultural wage employment has been indentified as one of the key indicators for the Millennium Development Goal of "promoting gender equality and empower women" (MDG 3). Looking at the SIGI, we find a strong relationship between our index and this indicator.

As seen above, women’s participation in non-agricultural wage employment is strongly correlated to discrimination based on social institutions, particularly family code and early marriage. Among the countries which score low in the SIGI, labour force participation is close to 50 percent, while in countries that show high discrimination, women’s average participation rate is just above 20 per cent.

Women’s access to paid jobs is crucial for both their personal well-being and the overall economic development of a country.